Call Tracking & Attribution

What if each time a new number called, you immediately knew which ad they’d seen? Get insight with call tracking analytics that pinpoint the exact billboard, ad campaign, or Google Ads keyword that just earned you a new customer.

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Call Tracking & Attribution

Call Tracking with Dynamic Numbers

Dynamically swap phone numbers on your website

Each visitor sees a unique phone number — so you know exactly where they’re coming from when they call.

Search, configure, and activate phone numbers in seconds

Choose local area codes or toll free numbers directly from our intuitive dashboard. 

Keyword-Level Tracking & Advanced Reporting

PhoneWagon enables you to track phone calls down to the exact keyword customers searched for in Google Ads. Our powerful, easy-to-use reporting will help you understand what’s happening with your ad spend, where the calls are coming from, and how to optimize ad spend to maximize return on investment.

Optimize your Google Ads campaigns

Turn off expensive keywords that aren’t converting, and increase spend on keywords that do.

View, export, and download reports 

Our advanced reporting includes all the data for your business’s phone calls and text messages.

Call Recordings & Management

Caller ID

See the phone number and name of the caller directly from your dashboard, and block unwanted calls from calling again.

Call recording

Listen to calls directly inside your dashboard. Download a copy of the audio file or generate a custom URL to listen to the audio in your browser.


All plans include unlimited call storage. We won’t delete your call recordings.

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