Smart Routing & SMS Services

Our intuitive interface gives you the power to create customized call flows in minutes, so you can be sure to get incoming calls to the right person.

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Smart Routing & SMS Services

SMS services

Texting with customers is convenient, personal, and gets attention quickly. 

85% of customers prefer to communicate over SMS.

Enabling them to text your business will engage them in a conversation faster than your competitors, and will get them further down the sales funnel.

Get proactive and automatically send a text message reply to all missed calls that hit your voicemail.

This prevents your customers from calling a competitor because they can’t reach you.

Custom Call Flows

Our custom call flows enable you to create customized IVRs as well as call flows that are designed specifically for you and your clients. Our call flow builder allows you to create these calls flows in less than a minute.

Custom IVR (interactive voice response) means you can create custom call extensions for your team or for specific departments. (For example: press 1 for sales, press 2 for support, press 8 for Ryan, and more.)

Route your calls to a SIP endpoint, so you can take calls wherever you are. 

Sequential call flows allow you to roll over to another number if the first number doesn’t answer, preventing missed calls and ensuring the customer is taken care of.

Distribute the calls evenly among a group of destination numbers with a round robin call flow that rings certain numbers in a specific order each time.

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