PhoneWagon integrates with dozens of platforms. Push your PhoneWagon calls and text messages into your CRM, reporting software, Slack, and many others.

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Plug PhoneWagon into the tools you and your team are already using. We’ll help you connect the dots so you’re even more effective.

Google Ads

Track phone calls down to the exact keyword the caller searched in Google Ads. Optimize Google Ads and report on phone call conversions.

Google Analytics

Push phone call and text message data directly into Google Analytics and see them as events and conversion goals. Report on an accurate conversion count.

CRM integrations

Plug your PhoneWagon reports directly into Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Infusionsoft, and more.


Push calls and text messages into Slack, either as notifications or as actual SMS conversations.

PhoneWagon plays on every platform

Wherever your team gets the work done, PhoneWagon can meet you there.


Connect PhoneWagon with countless other platforms through our Zapier integration.

Robust Open API

Build your own integration with PhoneWagon, or create a custom web hook.
See our API documentation

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